Oh, you want to know more about me? Well, it is my favorite subject, so here goes.

I think. A lot.

I have far more questions than answers.

Love, Honesty, and Humility are my highest values.

I love my job.

I hate politics. 

I’d rather spend my day with teenagers than adults. Yep, I think it’s weird too.

I married my best friend and that’s the secret of our longevity together – 33 years of marital “better and worse.” We have four sons, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren.  I am learning to be a child in The Kingdom of God. I value people who are radically different from me. I disagree passionately and respectfully. Fine coffee is just fine. Extreme caving is relaxing. I’d rather build it. I chase the horizon. I’m already resting in peace, but I toss and turn too much. Nascar is music. Give me rock, folk, opera, blues, and country in the same set. After 53 years I am much more unhindered.



Master of Arts in Teaching English, Kennesaw State University 

Master of Divinity, Beeson School of Divinity, Samford University.

Master of Ministry, Covington Theological Seminary.

Bachelor of Theology, Baptist College of Florida.

Diploma, Cass High School, Cartersville, GA.

Always enrolled in The School of Mom and Dad and Other Smart People.

My educational philosophy revolves around…

  • You can only teach interested people. So my first quest is to interest the student.
  • We learn more when we construct our knowledge rather than being told what to know. So there is little lecture and a lot of discussion and mentoring on the path of discovery.
  • The “test” is what you can do with your knowledge, not what you can regurgitate or memorize. Some students don’t like my class: They say, “You make us think too much.”
  • Honest effort can’t fail. Apathetic whiners fail regularly.
  • Critical thinking is not about the “right” answer. It is about the answer you can defend logically with the evidence. So you can be atheist, Christian, republican, democrat, or vegan. Whatever you think, you will be required to back it up with evidence in a cogent argument.

Hey, did I mention that we need Dry Erase Markers?