Fetal Position

A 3 month old baby’s hospital room, the dead of night. Hell has white sterile walls. All the specialists, feeding tubes, and monitors can’t put their baby back together again. They’ve only managed to resuscitate him after coding blue on day seven. Mom and dad haven’t seen their son since then. Bone weary and soul numb, dad dozed off. He awoke…”it’s not a dream.” He turned toward her – at least he has her. But she wasn’t there. He stumbled through the horror and got on his knees next to his young wife curled up tight in the corner on the cold hard floor. He placed his trembling helplessness on her side. She was shaking, but made no sound; he knew what she was thinking: I can’t do this…I’ve already buried one son and miscarried two more.

Slumped in the chair his thoughts



“Don’t take her too.”




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